Ann Arbor localsIMG_20160617_182109 got the chance to stop by Arborlight’s booth Friday and experience Daylight Emulation® firsthand. Trekkers got to sit down, enjoy iced cold green tea and relax under Arborlight’s Lightwell. Meanwhile outside the lounge, people learned a thing or two about lighting and made their best guess about the color temperature of one of Arborlight’s new Skyweaver 622s for the chance to win a Kindle Fire.

Over 600 Trekkers experienced the relaxing effects of daylight on a fun-filled and hectic Tech Trek. Friday was a successful day of getting to connect with the Ann Arbor community and Arborlight would like to offer a special thank you to Spark for hosting the startup in their office as well as all the locals that took the time to stop by the booth.